Interesting science out of Korea.  Looks like they can twiddle with genomic parts from mice and chickens and create human antibodies with them.  The paper came out 6 years ago.

Generation of a chickenized catalytic anti-nucleic acid antibody by complementarity-determining region grafting">

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I did just email a prominent scientist and asked “the question.” 


  • Inter-Species Genetic Manipulation? 


  • Is this what scientists are trying to accomplish? 


  • Is this what we aren’t being told? 


If so this research is a sliver of what’s being done. The immune system is a definite impediment.


Is this more about the immune system than antibodies?


It’s what I’m seeing after letting this paper ferment for a while.


Generation of a chickenized catalytic anti-nucleic acid antibody by complementarity-determining region grafting">


I have to do a deeper read.  I haven’t done that yet.  I will. Doing a soft read gives me a chance to see through the glass.

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