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A Long Forgotten Aspect of Business

A Long Forgotten Aspect of Business

Doing business isn't easy. Just ask anyone who has worked at a company in a position of management. With so many different aspects to the craft, ranging from the most high level (e.g. creating a vision for the organization) to the most down-to-earth (e.g. doing the books or figuring out logistics), it's no walk in the park, for sure. However, beyond all these different aspects, there is one that is always there, in every single level of the organization, an aspect we often take for granted and may even forget: communication.

Communication is super important, especially when it comes to dealing with customers. Unless of course you have a monopoly in your industry, which I'm willing to bet you don't. After all, it is this variety of options that drives the economy and fosters better customer experience. With people being a bit picky and not-so-easy-to-please these days (especially after being shut-in for a few weeks), this is a quite delicate matter. Perhaps that's why salespeople tend to be very smooth in the way they talk or act, bringing about an air of comfort and relaxation. However, not all people are like those communication-savvy professionals, unfortunately.

Many business people don't understand that even though it takes years to build a brand and a reputation, it only takes seconds to bring it to the ground. To make matters worse, rebuilding trust in your customers isn't easy after this trust has been broken. Take for example a computer store I had the pleasure of dealing with recently (I'm being sarcastic of course). I called them up to see if they can offer the service I was looking for. Having known them a bit I had a very positive predisposition towards them. The phone system they had was super high-tech, meaning that it has an automated menu where you could press a button and be directed to the right department. So, I did that and waited patiently for someone to pick up the phone. The first time no one answered so I figured they were busy or something. I tried again the next day. This time someone picked up and hang up immediately. Now, what is someone to do with this sort of behavior? Would you trust the brand of that store after such an incident? I know I wouldn't!

Now imagine if you have a business where people don't know you or have no reason to trust you from the get-go. How willing are they going to be to do business with you? How would you make sure that you make them feel welcome and valued? These are questions we all need to ponder upon in the business world, especially in times when the market is disrupted, be it because of a virus or a new player that wants to dominate the market. Marketing isn't easy and no matter how much money and energy go into it, it's doubtful it can amount to much without good communication with the customer. There is a saying about the customer always being right. Let's show him/her that. Even if it's not something heartfelt, it is definitely good for business! Cheers.

PS - I wrote this article on my phone as I was waiting for a solution to the computer problem I was experiencing. We cannot change the circumstances we are in but we can definitely change how we react to them!

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John Rylance Yes, it is new to me. I figured out its meaning, but I was off line. Thank you for your clarification. The complete destruction of forests after, say a huge fire, is Panarchy. This describes the life cycle of a forest. I thank you for your clarification.

John Rylance

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I assume from your comment "root and branch" is a new phrase to you. It has two usages. Firstly to completely destroy something. The Abolutionists wanted to remove slavery root and branch. Secondly to bring about complete change. The office practices need a root and branch change. Apart from the obvious link to trees, root and branch describes both the destruction of forest fires and the radical changes to the environment they bring about.

John Rylance I am fond of your comments. I have just responded to your super comment on my post. Reading this one too is quite fulfilling. Love the metaphor you used in your comment. It is food for thought.

John Rylance

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True. Particularly the "far reaching and wide spread effects." Often forgotten that long after the trees stop burning the debris around them smoulders on, small twigs blown across fire breaks, even I've read birds and animals helping to spread warm debris. Businesses need to look below the surface of their problems. Making sure any actions they take don't cause the employers to smoulder and show dissent etc. It's not by chance that often firms talk about "root and branch" changes, with one hopes the emphasis on "root"

Dear Zacharias \ud83d\udc1d Voulgaris You certainly know how to react to the situation you are in. Yes, it takes year to have a forest, but only one match to set it on fire. Some businesses forget this simple fact and they destroy their forest with small acts, but with far-reaching and wide-spreading effects.

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