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Destiny鈥檚 Daughter

Destiny鈥檚 Daughter

She鈥檚 charming, yet aloof, like a loner swan,

of the average Joe, definitely not a fan,

yet she is quite easy to find and even get to know,

given you wish to be the hero of your life鈥檚 show.

She calls to you like a Siren, yet she鈥檚 not all that persistent,

the moment you seek comfort she begins being so distant,

despite her alluring glance, no-one does she ever need,

and if she sees you being hurt, she鈥檒l just watch you bleed.

Yet sooner or later you鈥檒l get to meet her and maybe love her for what she is,

even if the trials that surround her are bound to make you freeze,

the best part is that she is with you in every location,

this daughter of your destiny: your life鈥檚 true vocation.

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Yep. You can't have light without them!

(Nacho) Ignacio Orna

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