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Group Levels and the Value of Initiative

Group Levels and the Value of Initiative

Recently I read Ali Anani’s article on the Cohesion of Groups and it sparkled a series of insights related to the evergreen topic of groups. As my insights were too many for the comment section I decided to express them through another article, one that focuses mostly on human groups of various types.

There are many different levels of groups depending on how the groups function (there are also many levels of groups depending on how they are structured but that’s another story). On the lowest level, we have groups that are geared towards survival and security (aligned with the corresponding needs in Maslow's well-known pyramid). These groups can be related to basic things like a tourist trip, a particular task we don't care for but have to do, most school projects, etc. They are necessary but not really that fulfilling and if it was up to us we'd avoid them altogether.

On a slightly higher level, there are groups related to social activities. Most meetup groups fall into this category, as well as the group of friends, networking events, etc. These are also somewhat necessary but we usually choose to participate in them so they don't feel like a drag. 

A group type on a level higher is that of a particular objective we care about or something that makes us stand out from the crowd. Start-up teams are like that, just like functional teams in a workplace (not all teams are like that but it is possible to find them even in large companies). Also, certain associations are in this category, depending on how unique they truly are.

Beyond all these, there is a higher kind of group that has to do with the whole, though few people belong to them. After all, who has time to help humanity if they are too busy with work or updating their FB status? Anyway, this group type requires more effort and usually appeals to people with a different set of needs, related to self-realization.

But what about initiative? Well, initiative is what makes a group function better as it is an expression of free will. The more initiative a group can channel, the more likely it is to be in the higher levels of this taxonomy. Also, initiative is a transformative force that changes not just the group but the individual exercising it. It is the channel of new ideas and the discoverer of new possibilities, keeping things interesting and creative. It is the challenger of the conventional and the nourishing factor of cohesion and integrity.

Perhaps not all groups have room for initiative as it’s a disruptive force that isn’t easy to channel effectively. That’s where leadership comes in, as the regulating force and the means to cultivate this initiative in the group members. This, however, is a topic that deserves its own group of articles…

What are your thoughts on this subject? How do you experience initiative is groups? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. Hopefully, a fruitful discussion can come out of all this. Cheers!

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Thank you for the share, Javier \ud83d\udc1d CR!

I'm sure we can. I chose the pyramid because it seems to work in this case (it fits the data available). Other designs are also possible and I'd be intrigued to see a different approach to this topic. Thanks for your feedback!

That's a very good point! This weaponization of the pyramid of needs as well as the groups that stem from it is probably due to the lack of communication and collaboration among the people of different levels of it. Again the group cohesion topic seems very relevant, this time applied to the largest group of our species. Thank you for your feedback!

Debasish Majumder

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I wonder why can't we still able to develop any design apart from pyramid? hexagonal format is more appealing which nature intriguing design and reflect in our brain too! however lovely buzz Zacharias \ud83d\udc1d Voulgaris! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the buzz.

Harvey Lloyd

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Your thoughts and want of discussion is demonstrative of the war we find ourselves here in the US. Many social sciences believe the hierarchy is naturally forming as your point to in your post. But those stuck at the bottom of the pyramid can become inflamed with those above. On the other end those at the top can become angered by the lower portions ability to get it together. Welcome to the current state of the US. In thought the pyramid has been weaponized by both sides. Maslow points us to metaphysical and physical needs within a material construct. The top and the bottom should be lifting each other up along the boundaries he has set. It offers us clear guidelines of success at all levels. When one side of the pyramid weapon is stating outcomes is what is important and the other stating opportunity is cure, we fall short of lifting anything. Opportunity is important but we measure the opportunity by outcomes that are reasonable. The real question is can we fellowship at the community level to help those through the pyramid? The current environment is not safe to express ideals that dont fall along the lines of the prescribed doctrine. If one person picked another to help them through the pyramid and began the fellowship of pyramid climbers it would take just a few years to rebuild the thought Maslow was referring.

I love your "Voulgaris Pyramid of Groups". It makes sense and it surely makes the reader think. I am flattered that my post triggered this post dear Zacharias \ud83d\udc1d Voulgaris. The higher the need for forming the group, the higher it is on the pyramid. I wonder if the life span of a group has to do with its positioning on the pyramid. Any thoughts on this idea? The cohesiveness of groups depend on how strongly people are connected. I believe the real glue is a purpose that reflects well on both the individual and the group. I am eager to read other thoughts on this considerate post.

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