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The Silver Lining of the Whole Pandemic Situation in 2020

Some personal reflections on the matter and how I managed to leverage it to aid personal development to some extent

The Silver Lining of the Whole Pandemic Situation in 2020

Recently Paul Walters, I took it to a whole new level (I had a premium account for a month). As for Italian, since there is no similar site/app yet, I had to go old school, with classes and exercises. This habit is something I continue to this day, though now I also make use of videos from an online course.

Furthermore, I got around to finishing some data science pet projects of mine, which I'd been working on for a while. One of them, which I'm particularly fond of, is a transparent machine learning system that can handle classification and regression tasks. Also, lately, I've been working on a new paradigm for modeling variable relationships (for different kinds of variables), a mesh of good old fashioned statistics and machine learning. The idea is to create the building blocks for an AI system that exhibits a fundamentally different approach to data science work, in both a deterministic and stochastic manner (not simultaneously, though). The principal characteristic of such a system is full transparency and interpretability. It's an ambitious project, but hey, if you want to do anything remotely interesting in this field, you've got to be ambitious!

The most significant development this year for me was developing a new perspective of things, embracing seemingly opposite viewpoints in a dialectic and diplomatic manner. This development is still a work in progress, but it has given rise to a new problem-solving framework, which I've tried to express in my latest articles on this platform. I doubt any of this would have been possible if I were working on a silo or if I had the myriad of distractions that "normal" life usually entails.

What about you? What were your positive experiences this year? Feel free to share them in the comments below. Cheers!

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Fay Vietmeier

10 mesi fa #5

Zacharias \ud83d\udc1d Voulgaris I admire the diversity of your "silver lining" Zacharias ;~) 'transparent machine learning system" You seem like a "G" to the bee called "me" Plus you're learning languages .. good for you While in Italy .. I found the language easy to gain .. But then easy to lose .. upon leaving However the love of those foods remain. I enjoy cooking many different cuisines (Italian - Indian - Asian) "A test on an enjoyment is the remembrance it leaves behind" Remember those wonderful historic Roman alleyways .. filled with smells & little cafe's .. the Venetian shops & pastries .. Florence & lakes region .. and the Amalfi coast Should "normal return" & travel resume I hope to return 2020 is for me about gained vision Writing is by far where my focus has been .. I have enough poetry for an anthology & I'm working on a couple children's books (now I have to explore publishing resources & find an Illustrator) Developing a new perspective is a reflection of personal growth Develop an eternal perspective .. has been my path .. something I endeavor to share

Fascinating. The main idea though could be captured in a simple graphic based on distributions and basic Stats. Maybe I'd better draw it instead, practicing some "leaning into entropy" as the author of the article suggests. Cheers! PS - Good to see you on this platform again :-)

Chiara Marra

10 mesi fa #3

writing fever, interesting. I read this article few days ago, so inspiring

Pascal Derrien

10 mesi fa #2

That's a kool article I got very tired of the sky is falling type blogs even the very good ones :-)

Hmmm First thought was none--but that's not true. I have developed extraordinary relationships with extraordinary people for one... I have had people support me so much and be so comforting, it has made me cry tears of joy... My writing skills have grown and grown and grown. Practice, practice, practice will do that. But the people--I never believed I would ever receive gratitude for what I do--gratitude, caring, and friendship.

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